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Falling for the Single Dad

Falling for the Single Dad

Digital Download Audiobook Narrated By Vanessa Moyen. Written by NYT Bestselling Author Jean Oram.

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One developer. One lawyer. One unexpected chance at love.

Years ago, cut-throat developer and single dad Tristen Bell had everything that ever mattered to him ripped away.

Now divorced and living in Muskoka, he's shunning all that reminds him of his past and the unstoppable man he used to be.

Melanie Summer thought her law degree would help her find a place in this world.

But when a big city developer threatens to destroy all that she loves—including her family—she finally sees her path. The only hiccup is that the man she needs—the sexy and stubborn Tristen Bell—refuses to do anything other than give her tender, knee-weakening kisses every time he sees her.

When Tristen’s teenage daughter ends up in the ER due to the negligence of his former rival, everything changes.

Tristen knows he can shut down the developer but it means resorting to his old, ruthless ways and showing sweet Melanie a side that may send her running. With time running out to stop the developer, and their attraction for one another increasing, will Tristen and Melanie learn to love and trust one another in order to reach their happily ever after?

A digital downloadable audiobook narrated by Vanessa Moyen. Audiobook length: 7 hours, 6 minutes.

One developer. One lawyer. One unexpected chance at love.

Years ago, cut-throat developer Tristen Bell had everything that mattered to him ripped away. Now divorced and living in cottage country, he's shunning all that reminds him of his past and the unstoppable man he used to be.

The only problem is that curvy lawyer, Melanie Summer, who keeps showing up on his front step, asking for help in a battle against a developer.

He knows he needs to step up and help Melanie—even if it means losing everything once again, including his heart.

3️⃣ This is book 3 in The Summer Sisters series. It is recommended the books in this series be enjoyed in order.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"This story will leave you laughing, crying... The author pulls the reader straight into the story and into the lives of the Summer sisters... The reader doesn't want to put it down and miss any of the story." -Nerd Girl Official, Stephenee

Readers are also saying...
"I absolutely loved it and can't wait for the next one!"
"I couldn't put it down!"
"From the first page, I was a part of the story. I could relate with Melanie."
"Without a doubt, this is Jean Oram's best novel yet!"

✅ Single Dad
✅ Curvy heroine
✅ Reclusive, secret millionaire
✅ Family saga

🎁 Includes a special downloadable ebook bonus!

🎧 The audiobook version of this story is read by professional voice actor Vanessa Moyen.

 ⏰ Total audiobook run time: 7 hours, 6 minutes.

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Peek Inside the Book!

A woman was bending to chat with a man sitting in the boat docked in front of the schooner, her laughter washing over him. That laugh. Melanie.
Beautiful, beautiful Melanie.
Tristen resisted the urge to run.
“Beautiful lines,” she was saying, her hands out as though fighting the temptation to run them over the boat’s curves. A surge of jealousy swirled within Tristen and he tamped it down, crossing his arms, wanting to turn away but unable to. He couldn’t possibly be jealous of a boat. How ridiculous was that? He faked further interest in the schooner as he watched her chat, animated and happy. In her element.
She was wearing scruffy, loose clothes, so unlike the dress he’d seen her in just forty minutes ago. Her face was open, relaxed. Was one of the Summer sisters Melanie’s identical twin?
And yet he knew this was his Melanie. The same woman who’d had bikers eating out of her hand only yesterday.
“So Tristen Bell is into old boats?” she asked, coming over. Was she swaggering? He could swear that was a swagger. Why was she acting as though she had something on him?
She hated him. He’d seen it in her eyes, so why wasn’t she avoiding him?
He glanced behind him, aware he was backing away.
“Funny,” she said. “I hadn’t guessed that—despite your truck. Although that thing is just old. Nothing like this boat.” She did a little move as though she was a model showcasing the antique craft. He’d never seen a woman act sexier, even in that horrible old T-shirt that was much too large for her luscious form.
Which meant there was something wrong with Tristen’s brain. Seriously wrong.
This woman had the potential to push him into something that could destroy him, and all he could do was stand there and smile.
Managing to snap out of the hold she seemed to have on him, he said, “Was that a dig, Melanie Summer?” He sounded almost breathless, and cursed himself. Where was the suave dude he used to be? Had he inadvertently locked him away with his playmate—the monster side that had destroyed his life?
He couldn’t be sure, but Melanie seemed half pleased to see him and half hopeful that she could find a way to shove him between the dock and boat, hold his head below the lake’s surface and see how long it took him to drown.
The fact that her expression suggested his life was in imminent danger really shouldn’t be a turn-on. But it was.
“A dig?” She placed a finger to her chin and stared upward, coy and cute. “Hmm. Possibly.”
Oh, she was going to kill him. Definitely. Something scary had switched on within her and there was a flicker of the devil in her gaze. She wanted to get even for something. It was a look he’d received a lot back in Toronto for crossing people or signing contracts with new companies before his competitors even had a chance to say hello.
“They don’t make them like they used to,” he said, clearing his throat. He pointed to the boat in front of them. Then, hesitantly, and with enough time to second-guess himself, he jerkily leaned in to give her a light kiss on the cheek. “Good to see you.”
She smelled good. Like cookies.
Her danger face melted and she blushed, unable to meet his eye. “You know it makes you sound like an old man when you say ‘they don’t make them like they used to.’”
He grinned. He knew he was supposed to stay away from her, but couldn’t quite remember why.
Oh, right.
Land developments, possible relationship expectations, et cetera. She was so fun to toy with though. All he had to do was compliment her or show her a minor courtesy and she melted like sugar. The old Tristen would have used that against her in some way.
“I am an old man,” he said. “Haven’t you noticed?”
“Did you know that I happen to like older men? They are more stable and kind.” She gave him a shrewd glance. “Usually.”
“I thought you liked bikers.”
“They’ll do in a pinch, but I prefer men who are little more refined. And I must say, your manners are impeccable. Generally speaking.”
There was a hazardous element to her words, but that flirty smile… She could punch him in the nuts, but if she gave him that smile he’d ask for a repeat.
Stupid, stupid man that he was.
His voice dropped. “Are you flirting with me, Melanie Summer?”
She turned away, addressing him over her shoulder. “Maybe.”
Hello, flight control? Yeah, we have trouble on the runway. Despite being grounded it seems Tristen is gearing up for takeoff.
He took in her tatty outfit, carefully noting every worn detail. “You like old things?”
“I like things that are…experienced.” She turned back to him, not touching, but acting as though she would play with his necktie if he’d been wearing one. The idea did funny things to his mind.
“You are a beautiful and dangerous woman, Melanie. You would never need a man like me.” He wanted to touch her, move close, tell the world that she was his and that this was their little corner of the planet, and to go away.

See what happens with Melanie and Tristen--does their flirting become something more? Find out in Falling for the Single Dad! Purchase your copy and dive on in!

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