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The Complete Veils and Vows E-book Bundle (With Bonus)

The Complete Veils and Vows E-book Bundle (With Bonus)


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ OVER 8400 5-STAR REVIEWS!

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Seven sweet marriage of convenience romances. Fall in love with your sister's ex (in secret, of course), marry for business, marry by accident (oops!), get a second chances at love, or order your new spouse online (another oops). These charming small town romances will have you falling in love with these characters over and over as you binge your way through the Veils and Vows books.

(The author apologizes for all the upcoming late nights of reading--maybe this series should come with some coffee!)

📚 A 7-book bundle that includes an exclusive short story bonus.

A heartwarming series about finding love in the most unexpected places. Filled with funny and uplifting moments, these stories remind readers what true love is all about whether its found in a marriage of convenience, a second chance romance or an accidental marriage!

Come hang out in the meddlesome and charming small town of Blueberry Springs where there is never a dull moment--especially since these stories have hints of danger and suspense!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "The Veil and Vows books are hard to put down. Jean writes about a wonderful little town with great characters. When I read them, I find myself feeling so comfortable...a must to have in your to be read pile." --reader review from Lisa F.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This is one of the sweetest romances I have ever read..." --Review from reader Renee for The Marriage Pledge.

Read the Veils and Vows series if you like: 

  • Marriage of convenience romances
  •  Opposites and second chances
  •  Friends to lovers 
  •  Secrets!
  •  Sweet & light romantic suspense (not dark or spicy)
  •  Heartwarming, small town romances

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I had a hard time putting it down. I tried to sleep but couldn’t, had to get up and finish this book!” —Linda's review for A Pinch of Commitment.


✅ Prequel: The Promise
When worlds collide, Devon finds himself captivated by a gorgeous & witty woman who seems to be his opposite in almost every way. But the way they connect rocks his world, but when reality comes knocking will their love be enough to keep them together?

Book #1: The Surprise Wedding
Olivia’s week couldn’t get much worse. Not only is she fake engaged to the man who broke her heart in college, but in order to save her family’s business she has to act like she’s still in love with him…

✅ Book #2: A Pinch of Commitment
Chef Lily Harper grew up tagging along after Ethan who saved her from bullies, mud puddles and being an outsider. When Lily flees a nasty ex who won’t take a hint, she comes home to Blueberry Springs, striking a secret marriage deal with her childhood protector, Ethan.

Book #3: The Wedding Plan
Luke knows Emma’s plan of a secret marriage is perfect. After all, they've promised their past mistakes won't impact their secret wedding plan. And they’ve promised not to kiss…not to fall in love… Easy, right?

Book #4: Accidentally Married
Businessman Burke Carver doesn’t know whether to be angry or secretly delighted that curvy entrepreneur Jill Armstrong happens to be his new bride… a bride he doesn’t recall marrying…

Book #5: The Marriage Pledge
Years ago ex-lovers and coworkers Moe and Amy agreed on a marriage pact—if they’re not married by thirty, the jaded duo will head down the aisle and start a family together.
Tomorrow Amy hits the big Three-Oh…

✅ Book #6: Mail Order Soulmate
Zach, a former international agent, orders everything from socks to groceries online. Including—after a spontaneous click of his mouse—his new bride. But when Catherine arrives on his step with a baby in her arms and a scared look in her eyes all he knows is that he's the man to protect this small family.

✅ BONUS SHORT STORY: Mail Order Soulmate Christmas
This bonus is not available for sale on its own! A heartwarming family Christmas story full of happily ever afters.


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Peek Inside the Book!


Devon made a point of giving Olivia a cool, hard look, forcing himself to hold his breath so he wouldn’t inhale her electrifying scent. “You should sign this before we go any further.” He pulled the three-page document John had created for him. It was slightly damp, but still legible. He tried not to act too smug as he presented the agreement.

Olivia looked surprised, adding to his feeling of satisfaction. That’s right, he was the real deal.

“That’s wonderful,” she said.

She smiled sweetly.

Too sweetly.

He handed her a pen.

She ignored the offer and tapped her phone’s screen a few times. “I have one, as well.”

Her lawyers worked Sundays, too? Poor indentured servants.

She flipped the screen in his direction, her smile still sweet. She had a confidence, a verve that heated his blood even as she challenged him, their anger at the ready like rattlesnakes preparing to strike. There was still so much emotion arcing between them that he found himself wanting to test it, see where the raw energy took them.

She tipped her head to the side, still acting innocent. “And I added a few extra things since our last conversation. I hope you don’t mind.”

She was a royal pain in the butt, issuing a challenge with her eyes for him to try and one-up her. It made him want to kiss her, devour her.

Irrational. He’d never wanted to do that while playing hardball negotiating other town contracts before.

Because Olivia still has a hold on you, dummy. Despite the pain of the past, she’d hooked him hard and never let go. And like a fish on the line, he didn’t know how to free himself.

“My document is longer?” he suggested hopefully, giving her a heated smile that used to melt her.

“Oh, Devon,” she said, using a soft tone, her cheeks pinking. She was flirty, playing along. His body’s heat level nudged toward the red zone. “It’s not how big it is, it’s how you use it.” She handed him a stylus so he could sign her contract.

Her innuendo nearly knocked him over, he was so surprised. He eased closer, near enough that he caught the faint scent of her perfume mixed with rain. It was one he was certain would invade his mind long after she’d left. “Was that an innuendo, Miss Carrington?”

She smiled. Actually smiled. For real. She looked at him through lowered lashes, sucking in her cheeks as she fought it. She gave him a tiny, slightly hoity-toity shoulder lift that sent his blood pressure skyrocketing.

He’d always loved their games.

He immediately stepped back.

No, he remembered that Olivia. The one who was playful and fun.

She was sexy. Really sexy.

And she had the power to break his heart, which nobody was ever doing again.


END OF SNEAK PEEK—Indulge in a fun story filled with tension and second chances. Read the complete story--grab your copy of The Surprise Wedding and indulge!

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