Jean Oram's Book Read Order List

Are Jean's series connected? Where do I start? Can I dive in wherever?

Let's help you out with this Jean Oram Book Read Order list!

Download these three lists right to your device as a pretty PDF and print it, share it, or read it and carry it with you during your reading adventures!

–> BOOK LIST WITH NOTES: Click here to instantly download the current Jean Oram Books Read-Order List. This has read-order information for all of my books and their series.

–> PRINTABLE CHECKLIST: Download this printer-friendly list with check off boxes for the books you have/need and the ones you’ve read: Jean Oram Printable Book List of all books and their read order.

–> MASTER LIST: Need a Jean Oram book list with a short description about each book in each series? This is your list! This list also includes links to Jean's shop and to other retailers. Jean Oram Read Order Book List with Book Descriptions and Purchase Links.

NOTE: Clicking the above links will begin an automatic download of the listed PDF file to your device.