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The Complete Hockey Sweethearts Audiobook Bundle

The Complete Hockey Sweethearts Audiobook Bundle


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ OVER 600 5-STAR REVIEWS!

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A heartwwarming series that blends small town and the NHL into one sweet package! Irresistible, emotional reads that are perfect company for readers who love compelling stories and characters who feel like friends.

Enjoy the complete series with this special bundle.

Over 39 hours of storytelling in 8 audiobooks! A sweet and heartfelt series about hockey players and the small town women who knock them off their feet! Have them all read to you by digital voice Madison!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I have loved every one of the books in this series!" --Bernadette C.

Continue reading the Hockey Sweethearts series if you like: 

  •  Heartwarming Romances
  •  Sports Romance
  •  Friends to Lovers
  •  Secrets!
  •  Curvy, strong heroines
  •  Heroes who treat them right!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “It’s filled with fun and humor. It made me smile and laugh.” --Dragon's Pride


Book #1: The Cupcake Cottage (5 hours, 35 minutes)

Hockey player Maverick's crushing on his best friend's ex and she wants to fake date him to fix his bad reputation. Can he keep his feelings a secret?

Book #2: Peach Blossom Hollow (5 hours, 14 minutes)

Violet Granger is crushing on the new recruit. A hunky, former bull-riding champion who’s joined the NHL hockey team she mascots for, surely won’t help her break that curse that has kept her single for years.

Book #3: Chocolate Cherry Cabin (5 hours, 28 minutes)

The last thing Hannah needs is her hunky old nemesis moving in next door. But he has. And not only do her young sons adore him, but she’s finding it difficult to remember why he’s the enemy.

Book #4: The Peppermint Lodge (5 hours, 33 minutes)

When life hands you a hunky, rich hockey player…say yes. Especially when he wants to help you solve your son's medical problems... But can Cass and Landon act like a family unit without falling in love?

Book #5: The Huckleberry Bookshop (5 hours, 39 minutes)

Athena and Mullens butt heads at work, but what happens when they get stuck on a project together. Can they find their way to friendship…or more?

Book #6: Sugar Cookie Country House (5 hours, 48 minutes)

He falls first in this sweet Thanksgiving & Christmas romance. She's curvy. He's an injured, professional hockey player. She's sunshine and he's grumpy. She's small town and he's always on the road. How could they possibly have anything in common?

Book #7: The Gingerbread Cafe (4 hours, 44 minutes)

Miranda and Dak both have secrets. But will their secrets break them apart?

BONUS NOVELLA: A Tiny House Christmas (1 hour, 40 minutes)

This is a BONUS novella with a Christmas runaway bride! Can Karlene overcome the age gap between her and her crush--her older brother's best friend?


Deleted scenes, bonuses, games, and insights into things hidden in the series by the author.


🎧 The audiobook bundle of this series is read by the digital voice Madison and is sold separately from the ebook bundle.

 ⏰ Total audiobook bundle run time: 39 hours, 41 minutes.

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Peek Inside the Book!

“Fans seem to like seeing you together.” Coach Louis slid a piece of paper across his desk.
It was a printout from social media. A photo of her with the team’s mascot Dezzie Dragon in the players’ box during a practice with Maverick leaning over the gate to chat with her. Both of them were full of smiles. Someone had snapped it during an open-to-the-public practice while she and Violet had been practicing moving around the arena. The headline said “I knew it!”
“Can I see?” Maverick asked, reaching for the page. He glanced at it, his expression softening. “Remind me to follow this account.” He placed the photo back on Louis’s desk.
“Nice to see something positive for once, huh?” Louis smiled at Maverick who nodded.
“This isn’t true though,” Daisy-Mae pointed out.
“Fighting or denying this may make a bigger mess for Maverick,” Louis warned.
“So what do we do?”
“Why don’t the two of you consider this?” Louis said amicably. “Go out for supper—”
“So you can have more photos taken?” Maverick asked.
“Yeah?” Daisy-Mae backed him up.
“And the team will pay the tab as an apology,” he said in a calm tone no doubt meant to soothe their ruffled feathers. “You both work hard for the Dragons. And if nothing else, you can celebrate the fact that one rookie was already offered a sponsorship deal on the tail of this news.” Louis tapped the papers on his desk. “Ultimately, what you decide to do in your private lives is none of the team’s business.”
But what if dating Maverick was part of her new contract? One of those clauses that weren’t written down because they were illegal but would be reinforced by her contract not being renewed if she didn’t play nicely?
And if it was decided that they should continue this public ruse, hanging out with Maverick like they were a couple wouldn’t exactly cramp her style or any immediate dating plans.
“Wait.” Daisy-Mae ran Louis’s words through her head again. “You’re saying that rookies weren’t getting deals? But this has only been out for a few hours…”
“The sponsor asked about the two of you.”
“And you said what?” Maverick asked.
“The PR team informed them that neither of you are married, and that you’ve been friends since you were kids. They ate it up.” He shrugged again. “You two look good together and have that magic everyone can see.”
“But…” There had to be a clincher of a reason to say absolutely no to this crazy idea. She turned to Maverick. “What if true love comes along, but you’re pretending to date me?”
“I doubt that would be a problem.” He wouldn’t look at her.
He was silent for a long beat. “Because I’m unlucky in love.”
“No. You’re fussy. You barely even dated in high school.”
“I’ve always been busy with hockey—which is where I am lucky. I can’t have a horseshoe with me in every area of my life. It’s difficult to find someone who understands my lifestyle.”
“You’re fussy.”
“Fine. I’m fussy. I’m searching for the right princess to wear the glass slipper I keep in my back pocket.” The way he looked at her seized her lungs. It felt like he was carrying that slipper for her, waiting for her to extend her foot. Maybe she should have said yes to the PR duo dressing her up in a princess gown.
“So. Supper. Tonight?” Louis asked, the hope in his voice clear.
“Tonight?” Maverick asked Daisy-Mae, his eyebrows lifted.
“Nobody goes on a date on Monday night,” she replied, putting her proverbial foot down. A princess had to set some ground rules, after all.
Maverick gave her a slow smile of approval. “Friday?”
“Friday you have an away game.”
Maverick glanced at Louis, who nodded.
“Fine, Saturday? I’m free?”
Again Louis nodded.
“I’ll be all yours—any time you want.”
She extended her proverbial foot for his glass slipper. “Saturday would be lovely.”
“And if you can swing it,” Louis said, “please come back engaged.”

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