Why Shop Direct from the Author?

But why would a reader want to go to the bother of shopping direct from Jean Oram--the author?

Here are a few reasons why you might enjoy shopping directly from an author:

  • It’s possible for me (Jean) to create big series bundles so you can binge read AND save.
  • I can also add in lots of fun bonuses that are easy & quick for you to collect!
  • Prices are often lower (discounts, baby!) for you when you shop direct and the author keeps more from each sale so they can make a living and keep on writing.
  • It’s easy to offer you special discounts, coupons and sales.
  • Less emails sent to you about books you’ve already bought because my store will start to know what you’ve bought and can make personal recommendations.
  • A weird one here: Sometimes retailers will shut down an author’s account or hide a book due to an accidental bot glitch. At times, this becomes a complicated issue that can take weeks to resolve. It’s good to have a Plan B so readers don’t think we authors fell off the planet.
  • Readers will OWN their books. Sometimes retailers delete paid books out of reader’s libraries.
  • There are no limitations to how many books an author can put into one bundle! More books = more savings!
  • I can offer books to you earlier!
  • And other business decisions I won’t bore you with!

But why oh why would you go through the AGONY of shopping direct?

  • Well, hopefully there is no agony! But I get it. You want simple, fast and easy, right?
  • That’s why on my shop you can purchase with your credit card just like on major retailers or use G Pay or PayPal!
  • My site is secure and uses the Shopify checkout system which is the same one used by some very major online stores.
  • You get your books/audiobooks instantly just like with a regular retailer.
  • I use a company called BookFunnel to deliver the products to you INSTANTLY and they have an amazing tech support team who can help you 24/7 with any issues you have. (Book related issues. I don’t think they’re registered psychologists. 😉)
  • You can download your books/audiobooks to your own device (Kindle, iPad, Apple Books, Kobo, Nook, Play Books, etc.) and read them wherever you want just like with regular ebooks! It’s probably easier than you think–and you can find help on Bookfunnel any time you may need it.
  • You can add your new books to your ebook library just like with books from retailers so you know which books of mine you have.
  • You can also read in the free BookFunnel app and your purchases will instantly appear in your account there as well.
  • You can still buy my books on regular retailers, too! My books are not leaving Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Google Play or Barnes and Noble. (Or other places!)
  • On my shop there are only the books you’re looking for–sweet, fun and romantic! When you search for my books that is what you get! Nothing odd, weird, scary or unexpected!
  • You’re directly supporting the author and her female-owned and run small business. 💕

😁 Go ahead, check out the store and give shopping direct a whirl!

🧐 Still have questions? Click on the pink chat button on the lower left of your screen. Any messages or questions you type and send in there come straight to me and I can reply back.