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Jean Oram's Complete Indigo Bay Collection

Jean Oram's Complete Indigo Bay Collection


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This series averages 4.5 stars out of 5!

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Binge read five stories of true love set in the sunny beach town of Indigo Bay. A small town, sweet romance collection by New York Times bestselling author Jean Oram.

This set contains all five of Jean Oram's Indigo Bay sweet romance stories.

This complete collections includes:

*Sweet Matchmaker:
Ginger McGinty despises secrets. And she just married a spy.

Bridal shop owner Ginger McGinty excels at matchmaking unless it’s for herself. That is, until she meets the dreamy Aussie Logan Stone. He’s sweet, caring, thoughtful and fun—and full of secrets.

When a pretend engagement leads to a quick marriage of convenience little does Ginger know that her entire world is about to be turned upside down as Logan struggles to keep her safe from his enemy’s clutches.

Full of action, this sweet marriage of convenience romance is a page turner!

*Sweet Holiday Surprise: Extended Version:

Rule Number One: Never date the boss.

Given Alexa’s crash and burn history with office romances, it should be an easy rule to follow. Then again, her rules have never gone up against CEO Cash Campbell.

Her charming CEO boss has a way of looking at her that makes her feel as though she’s the center of his universe, and their constant flirting increases the heat whenever their eyes meet. His attention makes for an addictive, yet tricky situation when they attend a wedding in the dreamy ocean town of Indigo Bay.

As the Christmas wedding puts a little romance in the air, these two begin to wonder why they ever bothered following the rules.

A short novella with page-turning tension and laughs.

*Sweet Forgiveness: Contains bonus scenes!:

Forgiveness. Second chances…and secrets.

Ashton is back in Indigo Bay for one thing—to make things right with his ex-girlfriend Zoe. But can he open up to her about his past and why he had to leave her? And can Zoe find it in her heart to forgive him so they can reclaim the path to their happily ever after?

A sweet romance about second chances and the power of true love.

*Sweet Troublemaker

Sometimes falling in love is the best kind of trouble.

When exes Polly and Nick come together to save their friend’s wedding will this former socialite and cowboy find a way to see eye to eye? And will Nick’s fast moves put them on the fast train to true love, or will it send the newly divorced Polly scrambling for cover?

A story full of banter, laughs and claiming a second chance at love.

*Sweet Joymaker

You’re never too old to fall in love again.

Maria’s not used to is catching the eye of the local mechanic Clint whose gaze lights up every time he sees her. When the two visit the beach town of Indigo Bay to help with a Christmas fundraiser, they discover the chance to step outside their tired old roles and live a little.

These are heartwarming, small town romances about finding love and hope where you least expect it.

This collection contains: Marriage of convenience romances, second chance romances, Christmas romances, later in life romances for older heroines, and lots of true love.

📚 A 5-book bundle includes all of Jean Oram's sweet Indigo Bay stories. Four novels and one heartwarming short story!

Second chance romances, Christmas, the beach... Love happens in the town of Indigo Bay, South Carolina.

So, sit back, grab your sweet tea and don't tell Miss Lucille we're in town--she's the biggest gossip and she'll give away the endings! (She'll also appear in each and every Indigo Bay story!)

If you love heartwarming books you won't want to put down then stay a spell and dive into these sweet, clean romances with plenty of swoon.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "This story is filled with intrigue and excitement! Loved reading it and couldn't put it down till I finished. I definitely recommend reading this story!” Kaylin (Review for Sweet Forgiveness)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I would recommend this book to anyone who is a true romantic at heart.....and has a liking for a bit of a mysterious, fun, bad-boy. This was a fun, quick read with playful humor,” RL (Review for Sweet Matchmaker)

Binge-read this complete series bundle if you love:
✅ Second Chances
✅ A Touch of Suspense
✅ Bingeable Stories
✅ Heartwarming Moments
✅ Finding Love Later in Life
✅ Standalones
✅ Characters who pop in from other series
✅ Sweet and clean stories set in a beach town

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “You just can't help but pull for the couple and make a wish along with them that it all works out! Not only is there romance and Christmas, but Oram managed to also throw in a little mystery. I loved it...and you will too!” Terri C. (Review for Sweet Holiday Surprise)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Jean Oram brings the fun with this one. So much Cuteness.” Elizabeth Ness (review for Sweet Troublemaker)

Your bingeable book bundle purchase includes:

🌸 Sweet Matchmaker
Ginger despises secrets…and she just married a spy! Will this heartbroken matchmaker finally find her own true love match in a marriage of convenience?

🌸 Sweet Holiday Surprise (short story)
Rule number one: Never date the boss.
Given Alexa’s crash and burn history with office romances, it should be an easy rule to follow. Then again, her rules have never gone up against Cash Campbell.

🌸 Sweet Forgiveness
A year ago secrets and a tragedy pulled Ashton away from Zoe before he could pop the question. But now he’s back and ready to earn a chance to turn his biggest regret into a happily ever after.

🌸 Sweet Troublemaker
Polly Morgan needs a vacation, and she's hoping some extra time in the oceanside town of Indigo Bay before her friend’s wedding will do the trick. But she doesn’t expect to save the entire event alongside the man she measures all kisses against—her first love, Nick Wylder. Or how her heart seems to remember all the reasons it fell for him in the first place…

🌸 Sweet Joymaker
Maria’s not in the habit of flirting or having a secret admirer. But when local mechanic Clint takes his Christmas vacation to the same beach town, it’s time to shake off the cobwebs. As they work on a local fundraiser will they be able to prove to themselves there's no age limit when it comes to falling in love?

🌸 Read Order List
Are lists your love language? Get out your pen and mark off the books in this series as you read them, or simply download this list to your ereader so you know which book to read next.

💡This bundle includes bonus scenes inside two of the books.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Oh my gosh! You are going to LOVE this story! IT’S AWESOME! This story is definitely one of my favorites! This series is so fun I’ll be reading it over again every December. I didn’t stay up half the night reading it, but that was only because I finished it before bedtime.” Donna’s BookShelf (Review for Sweet Joymaker)


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Peek Inside the Book!

A sneak peek from Sweet Holiday Surprise:

“Alexa?” Cash froze in the doorway. His assistant, who was supposed to be home sick, according to his uncle Des, looked rather healthy in her snug Western-style shirt, which fitted her in a way her blouses at work never seemed to. Her mouth, which had dropped open, snapped shut, and she was now giving him her patented no-nonsense sidelong gaze he had months ago dubbed as the Montana One-Two.

He could tell she felt as duped by his presence as he did by hers.

Duped by an eighty-seven-year-old uncle who evidently thought he was a smarmy little good-deed-doing Cupid.
Cash didn’t know whether to call up the man to chew him out or to thank him.

Then again, Uncle Des was quite a decent matchmaker, which meant…what?

Alexa didn’t need a man, and if she did, she certainly didn’t need one with money problems. Their undeniable attraction—which had slipped under his skin on more than one occasion—had almost caused him to break the no-getting-involved-with-our-valuable-assistant promise he’d made to his cousin Luke when he’d accepted the position of interim CEO of Cohen’s.

“What are you doing here?” Alexa demanded, snapping him from his thoughts.

“Merry Christmas to you, too,” he replied mildly.

“It’s not Christmas. Not yet.”

She seemed uncharacteristically flustered, her eyes flicking to his bare chest before she’d catch herself and train her gaze elsewhere, her cheeks an endearing pink.

“Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve,” he said slowly, struggling with the urge to strut and flex. He almost wished he hadn’t taken the time to don jeans after his shower.

He noted the leather bucket bag slung over her shoulder. He’d caught her drooling over the purse a few times on her work computer and had relinquished his man card and ordered it as his Christmas gift to her.

“You like the bag?”

She instinctively pulled it closer. “Yes, I love it, thank you. Is Desmond okay?”

“He said you were sick.”

“I’m supposed to be staying here. With him. Helping him. Taking care of everything.” Cash could see her anger and frustration building, like a train picking up speed as it made its way down the tracks.

She preferred order and things going according to plan. Duplicity and anything that wasn’t straight down the pipe didn’t sit well with her. It made her a fantastic assistant because she cut through the bull with a determined politeness and direct honesty Cash knew he’d never find in another employee—at least not a friendly one who didn’t put him in his place for being a flirt. But right now, her attitude and the situation might put him within target range of her turquoise cowboy boots.

“You’re supposed to be in Thailand.” Her canvas overnight duffel was at her feet and her party dress was bunched up over her arm as she rested her hands on her hips. She dropped one shoulder, head to the side. “And wearing a shirt. Do you have a shirt?” When he didn’t reply straight off, she added impatiently, “Well?”

He fought a satisfied smile. “I didn’t realize I couldn’t answer the door without a shirt. I’m not wearing shoes, either. Will I be denied service?”

No shirt, no shoes, no service.

“Not funny, Cash.” But he spied a spark of amusement in her hazel eyes despite her stern tone.

“I know. I’m sorry.”

“Then stop smiling.”

“I can’t.”

Because he had a feeling that his new Christmas roommate was the one woman he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about.

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