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Falling for the Boss

Falling for the Boss

Digital Download Audiobook Narrated By Vanessa Moyen. Written by NYT Bestselling Author Jean Oram.

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One sexy, burned out billionaire. One spitfire graduate. One small island.

Tycoon Connor MacKenzie has it all from the penthouse to the world-dominating corporation. At least that's what everyone believes. Underneath it all, his life is disintegrating faster than a stock market crash.

When Connor's doctor forces him to take it easy and go deep into cottage country for some much needed R&R he lands on an old cottage veranda in Muskoka which lacks the luxuries he’s accustomed to.

Maya Summer, a recent business grad, has been waiting for opportunity to come a knockin’ and not only has it arrived on her doorstep, but it’s presented itself in a very sexy package.

However, despite Maya's best advances and proposals, Connor's strict new "no-work diet" has them both starving for much more than than just business.

Can Maya convince Connor to let her be his new right-hand business gal while gaining enough income to save her family's cottage? And will Connor, the workaholic, be able to resist her charms, both in and out of the boardroom?

Find out in this sweet (with a hint of tingle-inducing heat) romance! Start reading today and fall in love with the series that will have you laughing and crying!

A digital downloadable audiobook narrated by Vanessa Moyen. Audiobook length: 7 hours, 26 minutes.

One sexy, burned out billionaire. One spitfire graduate. One small island.

Connor MacKenzie has it all—complete with the penthouse and massive corporation. At least that's what everyone believes...

When Connor lands on business grad Maya Summer’s old cottage veranda for a little R&R, it's the opportunity she's been waiting for!

Will Maya be able to convince Connor to let her be his new right-hand business gal or will Connor manage to resist her charms, both in and out of the boardroom?  

2️⃣ This is book 2 in The Summer Sisters series. It is recommended the books in this series be enjoyed in order.

✅ Workplace
✅ Forced Proximity
✅ Boss
✅ Small town

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🎧 The audiobook version of this story is read by professional voice actor Vanessa Moyen.

 ⏰ Total audiobook run time: 7 hours, 26 minutes.

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Peek Inside the Book!

Maya staggered on her heels before catching herself. “He’s waiting. I’ve left Connor MacKenzie waiting!” She scrambled out the door, before catching herself and adopting her best no-nonsense stride. Several feet away, she extended a hand for a shake. Too early. She hurried her pace, hoping he wouldn’t notice.
“Mr. MacKenzie!”
He turned to her, all sexy five o’clock shadow and Gucci shades, ball cap parked low on his forehead.
“Mr. MacKenzie!” Maya reached to shake his hand, and he thrust a heavy duffel at her. The bag dropped, wrenching her shoulder. “Oomph!”
The man packed like a girl, with everything in one ginormous bag that was nearly impossible to lift without seeing a chiropractor afterward.
“Do you have other bags?” she asked, looking around for a laptop. He had to have a briefcase. Maybe two. “On the plane, perhaps?”
“That’s all.”
Where were his computer and business papers? Surely not in the duffel, getting crushed. Crushed like the disks in her spine, one by one, the longer she stood clinging to the bag’s handles. She readjusted her grip and leaned back so she wouldn’t be tempted to allow gravity to take over and cause her to kiss the tarmac.
“Good flight?”
She could barely believe how human he seemed in person. Not at all the bouncing, vibrant machine whose mouth could barely keep up with his ideas during his TED talk two years ago. Watched: 73 times. University essays written about or referencing that talk: 13.
But this man here in front of her? He wasn’t exactly exuding power and energy. No overflowing enthusiasm. He was mellow. Really mellow.
It kind of bummed her out, actually. But at the same time, there was something irresistibly intriguing about his quietness.
Connor stared at her and, with a quick inhalation, she launched into her rehearsed introduction. “My name is Maya Summer. I’ll be your everything for the next two weeks.”
An eyebrow appeared over the frame of Connor’s sunglasses, beneath his sun-faded hat. “Everything?” he asked, his voice thick and rough, its tenor low.
Sweat pricked Maya’s back, and she knew it wasn’t caused by the heat of the July sunshine radiating off the cracked tarmac. It was the way his tone hinted at something less businesslike.
“Just about.” She shot him a playful smile.

Continue the story! Purchase Falling for the Boss and enjoy how things heat up for Maya and Connor!

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