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A Pinch of Commitment

A Pinch of Commitment

Book 2 in the Veils & Vows series. Written by NYT bestselling author Jean Oram.

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When falling in love isn’t part of the contract.

Techie Ethan Mattson may have married chef Lily Harper, but he didn’t vow to love her. His only commitment was to hand her half of his business assets and a year later file for divorce while saving a tidy sum on taxes. Little does Ethan know that the pretty woman from his past needs so much more than just a business.

She needs protection and love, the two things he believes he's too broken to offer.

Chef Lily Harper grew up tagging along after her best friend's brother, Ethan, who saved her from bullies, mud puddles and being an outsider. When Lily flees a nasty ex who won’t take a hint, she comes home to Blueberry Springs, striking a deal with her childhood protector, Ethan. If he marries her, she’ll take his restaurant off his hands, giving him more time to spend on his dream tech business. Not only that, but she’ll finally earn her way into owning a thriving restaurant.

It seems like an ideal agreement…until she begins to fall in love.

Will Lily be able to show Ethan how to love again or will their hidden histories ruin their recipe for love? Find out in this irresistible new book from New York Times bestselling author Jean Oram. Start reading this friends-to-lovers, sweet marriage of convenience romance today!

When falling in love isn’t part of the contract.

Chef Lily Harper grew up tagging along after Ethan who saved her from bullies, mud puddles and being an outsider. When Lily flees a nasty ex who won’t take a hint, she comes home to Blueberry Springs, striking a secret marriage deal with her childhood protector, Ethan.

2️⃣ This is book one in the Veils and Vows series. All books can be read out of order or as standalones.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  "I had a hard time putting it down. I tried to sleep but couldn’t, had to get up an finish this book!” Linda

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "A really romantic read… Ethan and Lily start off with a marriage of convenience but sparks fly really soon.” Renee

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "A funny, heartwarming, HEA, and a few tears along the way." Judy C.

✅ Secret crushes
✅ Marriage of convenience between friends
✅ Best friend's older brother
✅ L
ight (not dark) romantic suspense

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Peek Inside the Book!

“I just need a chance to prove myself as a worthy business partner, and then I’m sure they’ll change their minds about working with me,” Lily said.

“I’d do anything to get rid of the restaurant.” Ethan said.

“There is a way,” she offered tentatively.

“Yeah?” He looked hopeful.

“We could both follow our dreams…” Her palms were growing damp, her doubts overwhelming.

“I’m listening.”

“It wouldn’t be that difficult. We’re friends.”

Sure, she still kinda had a crush on him, but it would be okay. He was good at keeping boundaries, just like when they’d had their subscription recipe newsletter in high school. He’d done the email newsletter bit and she’d provided the content for their list. They hadn’t made much money, but he’d been happy enough working alongside her. And he’d always made it clear that he didn’t want anything more than friendship between them. His disinterest would keep things simple, uncomplicated.

“Well?” he said impatiently.

“Family.” She swallowed. “They want to work with you or your family.” She waited to see if he clued in.

He gave her a blank look and she closed her eyes, still in disbelief that she was willing to put her plan into words. With Ethan.

She held her breath, ready for him to reject her like he always did when she tried to cross the line. She released the air from her lungs as she blurted, “A wife counts as family.”

* * *

Unable to help it, Ethan began laughing as he put two and two together.

Marriage? Him and Lily? Not likely. She was like…a sister. A sexy, forbidden sister.

The idea was utterly ludicrous.

“I’m not asking you to take me into your arms and make sweet, steamy love to me,” Lily chided, her lip gloss shining under the kitchen lights, her lower lip looking plump and juicy. Ethan abruptly stopped laughing as the not-so-hard-to-imagine visual popped to mind.

“I’m just asking for a chance to prove myself.” She picked at her thumbnail, no longer looking up. Ethan knew it was difficult for her to ask for help, and he caught the vulnerability in her request, causing his mind to still.

Family came first, and if she needed someone to help her, then that man should be him.

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